The name Twinz was inspired on Erick e Rene Nakabayashi, twin brothers who had the idea to bring their professional experiences and entrepreneurial vision together founding Twinz in 2006.

In the business for 6 years and conquering massive experience mainly on promotional
marketing, Twinz establishes itself as a integrated communication agency, developing projects of graphic design,
promotional and advertising.

With experts on several areas, Twinz pursuits attractive and innovative communication solutions, capturing the consumer’s attention and motivating them to identify with the brands, calling them to try products and services.

We are unique for a reason. We created a strong and synergistic relationship with our clients, understanding their business and generating differentiated solutions focusing on results.

What we do:

• Communication Planning
• Graphic Design
• Promotional Campaign
• POP Material
• Internal Marketing
• Brand Strategy
• Visual Identity
• Presentations
• Web design
• Online Campaign
• Packaging
• Direct Marketing
• Environmental Design and Signaling
• Advertising